How to Win 60 Second Burger Run?

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Do you like tasty burgers as much as we do? We're sure you do, that's why there's a new "60 Second Burger Run" where your main task will be to run to the closing of the burger shop in 60 seconds! Exciting, right? Your hero is just a fan of tasty fast food, and you need to manage it as well as possible because the limit of one minute is not a joke. Now let's go over the features in the process of the game.

How to Beat 60 Second Burger Run?

Before you, a little plump little man who loves burgers, fries, cola, and other deliciousness, is known to everyone. You have only 1 minute in your arsenal to pass the levels and run to the closing of the burger shop. You need to run very fast, using your reaction and attention to bypass difficulties along the way.
  • You have to jump high.
  • Climb over ledges.
  • Fly over sharp objects.
  • Jump over a fire.
The main goal is to run to the bus stop, get on the bus and go to the next level. In 60 sec, you need to pass more stages to have time to do everything.

How Many Levels are in 60 Seconds Burger Run?

Victory is only in your hands, so don't give up on your way to the goodies! At first, completing the levels in just 60 seconds might seem hard, but once you complete one stage, the rest will be easier. The main screen shows you the time left and the rules before new items in the game. Your chubby is jumping around loudly, so you'll definitely be encouraged not to stop there. In the process, if you lose and there is still time, the level resumes where you finished. If the minutes come to an end, you start the speed fight from the beginning. This is convenient because you memorize how to pass the levels and develop the skills through repetition. But do not abuse, because it is important not only to participate but also to win!

How Does Game Look Like 60 Burger Run?

The game is rich and colorful - the background around is changing with each of your entry a variety of colors. Your way is made of bricks and is in an atmosphere of pink, blue, green, and yellow. You don't know which design will be waiting for you at each level. The hero himself moves sharply and loudly, and musical inserts accompany his actions. Little angels explain the rules to you and warn you to pay attention during the game.

Some of the colored platforms under your hero are bursting, so be as attentive as possible. Road signs with skulls also warn you about the cliffs in the way. Process details in red and yellow shades so you're sure to notice them in your hobby. Develop speed and focus, call your friends and show them a master class in winning!